Exit Idiot Number 1, Enters Idiot Number 2 [McCarthy / McHenry]

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Rep Matt Gaetz, The Person Most Responsible For Ousting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy — Aside From McCarthy

After the ousting of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, People across America are saying: “You can’t make this up.” Yes, you can. What’s going on in Washington? Dysfunction at its best. While the Hollywood writers were on strike in Hollywood, perhaps some moonlighted as scriptwriters for the politicians in Congress. 

This Washington script is brilliantly written but adds to the people’s uncertainty. And could prove to be a dangerous cliffhanger to the American psyche. The waters become restless when uncertainty looms like a darkened cloud over the ocean. 

As chaos looms in Washington, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the RNC (Republican National Committee) deny the American people the option to choose a President — except for the two candidates that the DNC and the RNC have selected.

Standing at a crossroads where the electorate would rather have someone else on the ballot for President other than the two leading candidates — President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. You can’t make this up. Yes, you can.

This time when part-time NY police chief Eric Adams, a full-time idiot moonlighting as Mayor of New York City, on Wednesday, traveled to three South American countries (Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador) to beg the millions of potential refugees — on his hands and knees — to slow their roll across the southern border.

A plea contrary to President Joe Biden’s, who encouraged them to surge the Southern Border, bumrush, and overwhelm Border Patrol agents.

Eric Adams’ message to the migrants is don’t come to New York: “You won’t get five-star hotels in the Big Apple.” Will someone tell Adams that New York City isn’t on the Southern Border; the migrants who come there are the ones he’s invited and put up in five-star hotels.

Meanwhile, Manchurian Candidate Hakeem Jeffries is licking his chops as a political candidate to go on television and pump him up as the next Speaker of The House.

And what was the first order of business for Rep Kevin McCarthy’s hand-picked Speaker Pro Tempore Rep Patrick McHenry? Kick former Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of her office. Talk about priorities.

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