A Black Face White Supremacist: PSYCHOTIC Vivek Ramaswamy.


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Black Holocaust Denier.

Vivek Ramaswamy A Black Face White Supremacist Trying To Ride Black People To The White House

“I’m sure boogeymen and white supremacists exist somewhere in America; I just have never seen him — never met one in my life,” Ramaswamy said when asked about racism in America. He continued, “Maybe I’ll meet a Unicorn sooner” than meeting a white supremacist in America.

Those are the words of a male running for the vice presidency or, with luck, a Cabinet post in the Trump administration should Donald Trump win the 2024 Presidential race.

Today, Ramaswamy is the most dangerous person running for Republican political office in America. He has more teeth in his head than substance — but some people love a train wreck, so they gather around to check him out. The danger for those curious onlookers is that the wreckage of toxic bile that attracts them is still in motion.

Ramaswamy is the newest chip to fall off the Republican’s clown wagon into the domain of the public. He speaks with the rhythm of a used car salesperson wearing a suit and tie with an American flag on his lapel as an ornament. Ramaswamy started his political career as a parasite looking for a host — he found his home in Donald Trump’s base of the Republican party.

How Does He Keep The Media At Bay?

Ramaswamy keeps legacy media at bay by dangling the promise of spending $100 million on campaign advertisements. So they gather around, waiting with bated breath for their loot cut. Even some on YouTube media, such as the Rising of the Hill, pushing Ramaswamy crap up Hill in a wheelbarrow to feed it to the people and trying to convince themselves that he’s not a danger to America. Is the sales price tag for the United States of America $100 million?

While avowed white supremacists are shooting down Black people wherever they can, Vivek is slithering across America, inciting violence against Black people and telling White bigots there are no racists in America.

Media Corp USA

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  1. Not a comment on your piece – to which, amen! – but a correction to your bio/statement:

    “Embrace the three Constance: Change, Justice, and Rightness.”

    Should be

    Embrace the three Constants: Change, Justice, and Rightness.

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