Leaving The Trump Cult: The Cassidy Hutchinson Story.

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Taking A Bullet For Trump.

Former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson, Chief of Staff to
Former President Trump’s lead organizer (crime boss), Mark Meadows, has left the cult. Hutchinson has written a book titled ENOUGH. She’s making the rounds on network television to sell her book.

The 27-year-old Hutchinson has a compelling story to tell. And she’s telling anyone on television who will listen to it. She is soft-spoken and reflective. 

Before the Republican operative Cassidy Hutchinson wrote her tell-all book, she testified for the Democrats on the January 6th Committee after being a Trump loyalist on January 7 after the J6 insurrection. Hearing her tell her story about working for Trump and other “powerful” men behind the scenes was almost spellbinding.

Ms. Hutchinson described moments of hazing to test her loyalty to Trump. What’s an exciting movie without sex? Sex sells. Ms. Hutchinson, in salacious details, told how, during the plot to overrun the government, Rudy Giuliani ran his hand up her blouse and under her skirt — old Rudy was checking for loyalty.

(L) Cassidy Hutchinson Testifying Before Congress (Pleasingly Plump Face / (R) Hutchinson On Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell/MSNBC Sporting A More Chiseled Hollywood Face.

Did she flinch? They asked Ms. Hutchinson if she would take a bullet for the then-President Donald Trump — make sure the shot is in her leg. She agreed to take a bullet for Trump.

She sought assurance to make sure it was in my leg. Hutchinson failed the test; she should say she will kill for Trump like the January 6 insurrectionists. If you want me to, you, “I would Die For You.” After the failed coup in Washington, Donald Trump provided her an attorney but abandoned her on the Jersey Shore. She became a persona non grata at Mar-a-Lago. She founded a new religion, a new church called the J6 Committee.

Like most cult members, after leaving a cult, Hutchinson developed anxiety. She needed another ex-cult member to guide her back to reality, so she called on Alyssa Farah Griffin. Scared of going to prison after the J6 fiasco, Ms. Farah Griffin broke away from the Trump cult to find refuge at CNN’s new channel.

CNN has a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump. he’s good for ratings, but he’s no fan of CNN’s (UNN) love-child Ukraine and crooked Vladimir Zelensky. 

Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson (no relationship to Gov. Asa Hutchinson) has become the Democrat’s love child and media darling on the left.

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