Israel Declares War After Attacked By Hamas

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On Saturday, 10/07/2023, the radical Palestinian group Hamas launched a multi-prong attack on the state of Israel, killing at least 900 Israelis, most of whom were civilians — according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho’s administration. The Palestinians claim that during Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Hamas.

 The bombings killed over 700 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians. Israel has cut off fuel, food, electricity, and water supply to the two million residents of the Gaza Strip, a stronghold of the Islamic Jihadist Hamas. This move could lead to the starvation of thousands of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli war planes bombarded buildings in the Gaza Strip reducing them to rubble and ashes

Bone heads such as Rep Gregory Meek (D) New York and Sen. Lindsey (the Eunuch) Graham have called for the removal of the Palestinians. Pray tell, Meeks and Graham, by what means do you intend to accomplish that act of the wholesale slaughter of millions of men, women, and children? Are you calling for the Resurrection of Adolf Hitler?

The surprising and sustained attack on Israel revealed acute flaws in Israel’s much-lauded and envied technological defense system known as the Iron Dome and the human intelligence apparatus and assassination agents MOSSAD. When Hamas attacked, they entered homes, IDF (Israeli Defense Force) posts, and lines of demarcations, killing and capturing soldiers and civilians of all age groups and sexes.

Senator Eunuch Graham is pushing to escalate the current Israelis/Hamas conflict into a broader war with Iran. He’s on the take.

Two Israeli-American peaceniks Deborah and Her Husband Shlomi Mattias Were Killed By Merciless Hamas Attackers. Hamas has killed ten other Americans. Benjamin Netanyahu Called Up 300 thousand Military Reservists to Join the battle.

Some Israeli civilians the Jihadists took were sympathetic to the Palestinians and their cause. There are reports of rapes carried out by members of Hamas, runs contrary to the Geneva Conventions. Leaders of Hamas should order the release of all Israeli children under sixteen years to their relatives.

Shooting unarmed civilians in attendance at a concert is highly criminal and cowardly perpetrated by inhumane wilds like Stephen Paddock.

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