Kamala It Is: For Good Or Ill — Biden Has Made His Choice For A Running Mate.

She doesn’t hold grudges, Biden’s note suggests.

Fifty-five-year-old Kamals Harris is ready to run the country from day one has become one of the mantras from Democratic talking heads and political pundits. While on the other hand, President Trump says, “She’s very, very nasty.” Well, it looks like come January 20, 2021; a “nasty” woman will be the next Vise President of the United States of America. Many psychologists and psychiatrists have searched their minds trying to find a reason why Trump sees intelligent women as “Nasty.” Could it be that his social visionary lens and his mind are tainted, or could it be a reflection of his environment? Perhaps one day time will tell.

<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid orange color>Kamala Harris displaying political savvy<span><strong>

At this point in our history, a time of unparalleled political rivalry, social upheavals, and the struggle for ethnic and gender equality, Senator Harris is a logical choice for Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. Harris could serve as a spicy season in this experimental melting pot called The United States of America. With this pick, Biden has managed to check off several boxes at once.

Senator Harris, as she pointed out this afternoon in her first joint appearance with Biden, since her selection, “I’m a daughter of immigrants.” She is a woman, and She is black of

mixed heritage. Harris also said that she’s been in leadership roles for thirty years. And she went on to say, “America is crying out for leadership,” under Donald Trump. Harris’s late mother (Shyamala Gopalan-Harris / research scientist) is from India, and her father (Donald J. Harris is a Jamaican American economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University). Both met while in college as students at a civil rights protest rally.

<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid orange color>Kamala Harris and her Mom Shyamala<span><strong>

Harris is a lawyer’s lawyer — as some pundits are apt to point out. She was a district attorney from 2004 to 2011 in San Francisco and Attorney General in California from 2011 to 2017 when she won a bid to the US Senate. Harris has made several political blunders and is known as a flipflopper on social issues — such as criminal justice and fair treatment of people of color. She’s known for being hard on minor criminalized offenses committed mostly by minorities.

Kamala and Joe Biden’s late son Beau were close friends, and the former vice president said that friendship between her and Beau, played a role in his decision to pick Senator Harris as his Presidential running mate.

The definition of nasty is very dirty, unpleasant, or offensive. An example of something “nasty” is the bottom of a dumpster.

President Trump and his posse have a hard time defining Senator Harris because she’s well-vetted from her run for the Presidency.

Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

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