A Team of Propagandists vs a Team of Rivals

America Is In Pain!

As Donald Trump continues to deny reality and his supporters struggle to process and accept his magnanimous defeat at the polls, the majority of voters have moved on and are looking forward to President-elect Joe Biden’s January 20th Inauguration and hopefully better days ahead. Even as seventy percent of Republican voters struggle with the five stages of grief and grafted, manlinessless Republican Senators spew propaganda on behalf of Trump out of hearts filled with fear, expediency, and cowardice.

It’s OK to be zany, but do it on your own time. ADIEU!

American democracy is in peril, the country is in pain, smitten a ravenous pandemic — the nation teeters on a hidden financial disaster that could manifest itself sooner rather than later that could put most lives in jeopardy if the sagging and decrepit Republican leadership don’t grow a pair or borrow a pair soon and act in favor of Democracy and on behalf on the American people and not on behalf of one man — Donald John Trump.

Those Senators such as Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio subtly crave for a dictatorship, because somewhere it lurks in Rubio’s DNA — such cowards cuddle tyranny as long as they get to sit next to the tyrant at his dinner table. But ultimately, as history shows, it is the will of the people that prevails — not that of the Benito Mussolini’s and or the Nicolae Ceaușescu’s of the world.

The agony of defeat. Good bye to you too sir. ADIEU! ADIEU!

A nation corruptly divided by its topmost prominent leaders will not stand. It is time the Republican leadership step up to the plate and help to heal a divided nation and move on with the people’s work. “Choose ye this day, what will you serve, God or a cold-blooded mammal?”

Republican Senators, it is time to act responsibly and do right by the American people, there will still be time enough to get to rub shoulders with Donald Trump and get a free drink at Mara-Lago, after January 20th, 2021, but until then, you must stop propping up the wimps of a zany man. It is time to speak words of wisdom on behalf of the nation instead of spreading propaganda. The rest of the world is watching.

Martin Luther King, Jr once said, ” In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

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