China Seeding The Clouds: Make It Rain Has a New Meaning.

China the rainmaker: Water World.

What happens when a man continuously shoots at the sky? Let’s hope one day, the sky doesn’t start shooting back at humanity. In the mid-1940s, Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer (a General Electric employee) began experimenting with cloud-seeding. During the war in Vietnam, America employed the weather modification process (cloud-seeding) to cause rain to come down on its enemies and thus giving the United States an upper hand over the North Viet Cong. This was the first time cloud seeding was weaponized. It was used to inhibit enemy movements and reduced the effectiveness of anti-aircraft attacks.

Cloud seeding beats the rain dance, but is it necessary or safe? Twitter Photo

In November, Bloomberg News reports that China launched 16 “artificial rain enhancement rockets” off the back of a pickup truck 300 miles south of Beijing. The Chinese have become the pre-eminent nation on hostile weather modifications. The Chinese dalliance caused over two inches of rain to fall over China’s desired target area. In 1978 China did other developed countries and signed onto the Convention of Prohibition of Military warfare against the environment.

 Mother Nature is a “Single Woman.”

Does mother nature need the help of man to make it rain and to seed the earth? Nature can and will from time to time take the abuse of men, but there comes a time when she will retaliate — at such a time, it will be like the movie “Burning Bed.” Will the Universal Court at such time find that the acts of nature are justified when the woman’s anger causes her to lash out at her attackers.

The great flood started with just one raindrop and no man-made safety valve. Come on in, the water is fine.

Will China’s desire for world domination lead to it spinning out of control — and slamming into guardrails and disrupting the lives of innocent bystanders — once it quest to control nature, whether through manifactured diseases and skyward rockets reaches the point of critical mass? Earth’s most populous nation with just over 1.4 billion residents is known for cheap labor and financial programs worldwide that are aimed at establishing sattelite nations through its loan programs and infrastructure building. Currently, China is giving the IMF (International Monetary Fund) a strong run for its money.

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