Texas Snow Storm Leaves Dozens Dead: Power Outages Continue.

Governors Abbott And Costello of Texas:

“I saw Rick Perry the other day; he’s put glasses on so people will think he’s smart — it just doesn’t work. You know people can see through the glasses.” So they can still tell that he’s stupid. “But he’s got the glasses, the whole deal — he did a lousy job at the border.” But the new governor, Governor Abbott, has put in things that should have been put in a long time ago.” But I see him (Rick Perry); he’s so vicious. He used to be a nice guy. He used to come to me begging for money.” Those are former President Trump’s words talking about Governor Rick “Castello-Perry” during the 2016 Presidential election.

Ex-Gov Rick Perry wearing glasses to make himself look smart

Rick “Castello-Perry” is known for spouting ignorance. Wisdom usually comes with age — but not for former Governor Rick Castello -Perry. While twenty Texans have died and millions are freezing in the worst winter storm on record to hit Texas — Castello-Perry opened his mouth to speak and what came out is shocking. “Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business. Try not to let whatever the crisis of the day is take you off of having a resilient grid that keeps America safe, personally, economically, and strategically. That is Castello-Perry speaking from the comfort of his tax-payer paid-for mansion. There is a national message in his statement. Perry ran for president in 2016 and got beat badly — the ambitious moron still doesn’t get it. The job of the President of the United States is not for dog catcher.

It didn’t take long before the current governor of Texas, Greg Bud Abbott beaming with Presidential aspirations to open his mouth and stick his foot in it. Appearing on Fox News, Governor Bud Abbott told host Sean Hannity about the outages. “Our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collected more than 10% of our power grid. And that thrust Texas into a situation where it lacked power on a statewide basis.”

“The fact is according to Insider the majority-of-lost-power-generation-has-been-from-fossil-fuels-2021-2. Renewable-energy shortages accounted for only about 13% of the total outages in Texas.” Gov. Bud Abbott talks about the situation — Texas is in that at the peak of the snowstorm, nearly fourteen million Texans were left in freezing temperature without electricity. And as of this reporting, hundred of thousands are still without power, clean drinking water, and food.

This story is about two clowns in Texas: one Greg Bud Abbott, currently pretending to be a governor, and a former guv’nor pretender Rick Lou, Castello-Perry.

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