California Governor Gavin (Nuisance) Newsom Challenged By An Elder Foot-Shuffling Idiot. Cali Voters Stuck Between A Rock And Hard Place.

Total Recall?

The only thing more dangerous (for Black people) than a white nationalist bigot in shining armor is a Black face moron riding in shining armor who believes he’s the savior for White America. Podcast diva Larry Elder (R) has thrown his hat in the game of recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). Larry Elder is a regular on Fox News, where he goes to perform his jig. The KKK loves him.

69-year-old Larry Elder and his ex-fiancee Alexandra Datig who tries to put him in prison once he tries to rise.

In one of his most recent jigga boo statements, Elders has championed the cause of slaveholders by claiming the enslavers of Black people should be paid reparations because we forced them to give up their property — the enslaved.

So Elder is arguing that the torturers of more than a hundred million Black people and their children that slave-drivers held captive — a people who gave their blood, sweat, tears, life, limb, spirit and souls and free labor for 400 years — now those people should be rewarded for torturing and enslaving black people? There isn’t any more dangerous than those who cut from the same cloth as Larry Elder.

On September 14, 2021, voters in California will decide whether they want to keep Newsom as governor. California is not only known as the state where most American movie stars live, but it is also the state that holds the record of recalling the most state elected politicians — 179 and counting.

Since 1911 when California added its Constitution to the initiative recall referendum, they have made 54 attempts to recall California governors. Most Californians like to paint the state as a “Blue” or Democratic stronghold, but that is a razzle-dazzle myth.

Poster By Street Guerilla in favor of California Gubantorial Candidate Larry Elder

In 2003, California recalled a Democratic Governor Gray Davis and replaced him with Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger. The current recall election is another attempt to remove Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom (who has been in office since January 07, 2019) and replace him with a crackpot loon republican — Larry Elder.

The alleged “Blue” state of California gave us Ronald Reagan, the forerunner of Donald J. Trump. While it isn’t likely that podcast talk show host Larry (Looney Toon) Elder will remove Newsom on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the recall attempt should serve as a wake-up reminder to Democrats.

Larry Elder with Rose McGowan. McGowan claims Gov. Newsom’s Wife Jennifer Siebel-Newsom tried to bribe her (in 2017) to not complain about Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Daily Beast

A recall election is likely to happen when the Democratic Party elects ineffective dictatorial leaders like Newsom and President Joe Biden. It contributes to a state of critical mass that leads to a total recall that will sweep people like Donald J. Trump and, worst, into power.

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