Is Kanye West Trying To Flee The Plantation, Like Kuntu Kente? Will Massa Cut Off His Foot, Arm, And Leg?


Is Ye’s (Kanye West) Freedom of Speech His Freedom of Death?

Has America become A place where everybody must have the same political point of view or suffer devastating financial consequences? Is America the land where everyone must practice the same religion, meld into one ethnic group, or get branded a pariah and more hated than the black plague, where nobody wants you near them? Whatever happened to America’s celebration of rugged individualism? Is that a characteristic trait reserved for certain peoples of the world and not others?

Is Kan(Ye) West an anti-Semite? Is he anti-Black, anti-White, or anti-Muslim? Perhaps, he’s anti-Asian. I’m not Jewish, so I cannot pretend to know what the Jewish Community felt after hearing Kanye’s statement about “going death con three on the Jews.” I see what DEFCON 3 means in terms of preparedness. The fact is, Kanye doesn’t possess the wherewithal, the clout or power to go “death con 3” on the Jewish Community. However, the Jewish Community possess the power and the trait to perform “death con 3” on Kanye and it did. Today is “D-Day” for Kanye. November 21 is the deadline Jamie Diamond gave Kanye to withdraw his 140 million dollars out of Chase Bank, or have it dumped in his mailbox.

The most aggrieved, abused and mistreated community in America is saying out loud: LISTEN.

Most Black people (of the African Diaspora slave trade) can empathize with the Jewish people and their Holocaust because, not unlike Kanye West, we came from a group of people that suffered a 400-year Holocaust of their own. Black people played no role in the Jewish Holocaust. Thank God for that. But almost every nation played a role in the 400-year Holocaust of the formally enslaved people of the African Diaspora. “Don’t Believe The Hype.”

I don’t know if Kanye’s Tweet about the Jewish people is hate speech. The supreme court ruled hate speech is protected speech even when directed toward a protected group: Black, Jew, Gay, or someone’s religious beliefs, or lecture based on someone’s disability, and so forth. It is up to each individual to govern themselves as we evolve or devolve. The government prohibits physical “discriminatory practices,” bigotry against any protected, or any persons or group or class by law, and rightfully so.

You Will Submit! What’s Your Name, boy? Ye. No, it is Tobie, say Tobie, boy! Ye, “You’re calling me Boy and telling me my name is Tobie.” Which one is it? Tobie or Boy, Massa?

One cannot force people to be “nice” to them — snowflakes. Reggae icon Bob Marley said, “the truth is an offense but not a sin.” The French philosopher (François-Marie Arouet) Voltaire wrote, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it.” Once that was the American way of life, as long as the person isn’t inciting violence against others. And the founding fathers (minus the “American Indians”) of the USA placed that Thought at the top of America’s constitution.

There’s a reason Voltaire’s defense of free Thought has been codified and placed at the top of the Constitution of the United States of America as the First Amendment. It is not only the Alpha; it is Omega. To beat someone into submission to love you is not genuine love: You are ruling through fear and intimidation. That style of rule does not differ from how Vladimir Putin judges the Russian people. 

Ye, Kanye doesn’t speak for the Black Community, however many in the Black Community can relate to the pain inflected upon him just for saying what in his mind. He’s saying I don’t feel at home in my home. Listen. Listen. Those are words that a woman in an abusive relationship to her abusive partner to get his attention. And he never gets it ’till it’s too late. That is when she’ll say: YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED. By then, it’s too late to turn back.

Beyonce’s: Song Listen could not be more telling of this current abusive relationship.

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