The Republican 2024 Presidential Debate, A Stage Full Of Cowards.

By Clinton Franklin

Media Corp USA

The Absence Of Courage

Seven Of Eight Republican Candidates Raised Their Hands For Donald Trump To Be President. Suckers!

Donald Trump won the first GOP Presidential primary debate for the 2024 election. The spine of the Republican Party (Donald J. Trump) was absent from the debate stage, and so was courage.

If the state of America that the country finds itself under President Joe Biden weren’t so dire, the Primetime Comedy Special hosted by Fox News (Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier would be laughable. Former President Donald Trump won the debate without even showing up.

The Winners Were Losers Of The Night.

Florida Gov Ron DeSantis took the first question from Fox News Host Martha MacCallum and gave a firm, rehearsed answer. After his first answer, DeSantis faded — for the most part. His closing statement did nothing to bring him up much in the polls or gain favor with the American people.

Gov Doug Burgum of North Dakota gave the worst performance of the night. He came off as nervous during his closing statement. Burgum touted much of his small-town mythical agenda for America, even though eighty percent of Americans live in urban areas. The billionaire made money by selling his Great Plains software company to Microsoft, an Urban Tech Company. The tech billionaire seemed like a fish out of water.

Former Gov Chris Christie finished second to last behind former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Gov. Hutchinson was the only candidate on the stage to stand his ground and not raise his hand to support Donald Trump should he become the Republican nominee for president. McCallum asked, “Would you still support Trump if they convicted him in a court of law.” The first candidate to raise his hand supporting a convicted, Trump, was Law and Order candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy is running to be Trump’s running mate.

The second candidate to raise her hand was Nikki Haley (another contender for Trump’s running mate), followed by Tim Scott, then Doug Burgum. At this point, DeSantis surveyed the podium, then raised his hand. Soon, Mike Pence raised his hand, and seeing they outnumbered him, Christie followed the group and raised his hand—former Arkansas Go. Asa Hutchinson stood his ground and displayed leadership. The other seven candidates all wore skirts. Ramaswamy was the last to put his hand down. The biggest coward of the pack.

The Candidates Fell Back On Scapegoatism, Expediency, and Cowardice.

DeSantis was the first candidate to use George Soros as a scapegoat for his weakness. And the first to attack the news media.

Burgum: We need to understand small-town and get back to it. “I’m from a small town of 300 people.” Burgum, you don’t make 1.1 billion dollars from 300 people in a small town.

Pence was the first to bring up his religion.

Ramaswamy reminded the audience, “I’m the only person on the stage who isn’t bought and paid for.” And asked the audience, “Do you want a super-pack puppet or a revolution?”

Haley was the only person to inject gender into the debate. “If you want something said, ask a man.” “If you want something done, ask a woman,” the toxic feminist quipped.

Hutchinson was the first to Bring up Trump and his attacks on law enforcement prosecutors. It was the segue for Fox Hosts to ask questions about the former President.

Pence was the first to bring up age and Ramaswamy’s inexperience. “Now is not the time for On-The-Job training,” Pence told Ramaswamy.

Tim Scott was the only candidate to bring up poverty and preach about single motherhood.

Seven of the eight candidates appeared weak and petrified of Donald Trump, except for Asa Hutchinson.

Chris Christie did the most waffling, while Vivek Ramaswamy was the biggest hypocrite on the podium.

Former President Donald Trump won the Republican night and the debate without showing up.


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