California’s Open Air Fish Market: STDs For Sale.


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Lethal Love

A Female Prostitute Selling Herself Wearing A Fig Leaf, On Figueroa Boulevard LA, CA / Photo Courtesy New York Post

What do I get for ten dollars? Any sexually transmitted disease you want. Any STD? Yes, anything. Anyone who has seen the 1987 war drama classic movie, “Full Metal Jacket,” should know the words above. Or perhaps they have heard the phrase repeated in the rap group Two Live Crew hit song “Me So Horny.” California Gov Gavin Newsom passed the Safer Streets for All Act in January.

As border crossings escalate, commercial prostitution has increased, and red-light districts are popping up in many urban areas. Unskilled females crossing into the U.S. turn to pull tricks as survival work. They are giving Thailand a run for their money. In Los Angeles on Figueroa Street, “women” charge as much as $40 to polish a knob.

Donna Summer Bad Girl: If You Look Half Way Decent And No Man Wants To Live With You — It’s Because You Are A Disciplinary Problem.

Gov Newsom designated 40 blocks of Figueroa Boulevard in South LA for Hoes to sell unsoiled love as the 1930 song “Love For Sale” by Cole Porter professes Appetizing, young love for sale.

Love that’s fresh and still unspoiled

Love that is only slightly soiled

Love for sale, who will buy? Who would like to sample her supply?

Who’s prepared to pay the price for a trip to paradise?

Some prostitutes on Figueroa BLVD are claiming they make $1000 per day. The story the Strippers sell to convince themselves to stay in the game is that they make more than most Executives. Yet they drive old beat-up vehicles and live in dumps. Or the stripper who strips for 20 years to pay her way through college. But we love the Hoes, we love bad girls, and we love the Strippers.

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