It’s Business As Usual: Another American Mass Killing

Lewiston, Maine / 10-26-2023

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The surprise is not that another mass shooting occurred in America; the surprise is that it took over six hours in between mass shootings for the next one to happen. In October, there were 43 mass shootings and four mass killings — the last mass shooting claiming 18 lives. 

At about 6:56 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Auburn 911 Dispatchers received a call of a male shooting in “Just-In-Time” Recreation Center,” a business in Lewiston, the second largest city in Maine.

Government officials consider a mass killing where at least three people are killed — not including the incident’s injured parties. The latest mass shooting/mass killing on October 25 occurred in Lewiston, Maine. According to reports, the shooter (Robert Card) killed at least 18 people, and 15 injuries occurred because of the shooting.

Attempting to look important, Lewiston law enforcement officials are playing coy. They are tight-lipped with accurate information about the shooting incident in at least two locations, purportedly by the same gunman. They have identified 40-year-old Robert Card. They have upgraded Robert Card’s status from a person of interest in the shooting spree to a suspect.

It Appears The Military Has Joined The Search For Suspected Mass Killer Robert Card.

Card is a military veteran from a family of “right-wing” gun enthusiasts. Reportedly, he has been “hearing voices in his head.” No information is readily available on whether Robert Card is a sympathizer with any of the warring factions in the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict in the Middle East.


Over Zealous Second Amendment Politician Advocates.

For politicians, this is business as usual. The ones on the left will call for common sense gun control, while the ones on the so-called right will argue against infringing on the people’s right to bear arms. Meanwhile, most are getting rich from possibly insider stock trading information from arms manufacturing companies. Most federal politicians enter Congress unwealthy but leave wealthy on a $185,000 annual salary.

In June 2021, Republican Sen. Susan Collins joined a bipartisan group of Legislators to pass background check legislation. Collins said, “By requiring the federal government to notify states promptly when someone fails a background check, this is common sense.”

It’s time for uncommon sense gun legislation. Of course, the people have a right to bear arms, and arms don’t have to be a musket. Arms components must not amount to whatever weapons the buyer can afford, such as an AR-15 rifle, an M1 Abrams battle tank, or an F-16 Fighter Jet. There has to be a line drawn for what civilians may carry and own. The horse has already bolted from the barn. It may be too late to turn back now.

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