Inflammation Afflicts the Nation: While Druggists Reap Exorbitant Profits.

With more than 23 million Americans suffering from some autoimmune disease, pharmaceutical companies have reaped huge profits from the misery of those afflicted with such a categorized illness.

Drug companies and their paid scientists are more interested in delivering treatments for these inflammatory diseases rather than finding or effecting cures.

Most learned scientists – the learned ones – are aware that the root cause of all diseases is inflammation.

Ninety-nine percent of inflammatory diseases that afflict a person’s organs, tissues, and or cells (the body) stem from poor food choices, dieting, and lifestyle.

To be clear, the phrase “dieting” includes legal over-the-counter and prescribed drugs that we feed our body in hopes of healing any discomfort(s).

Scientists have advised that “the immune system is a finely engineered defense system designed to shield our body from harmful pathogens and cancer cells.”

However, over time, minus the 1% of hereditary inflammatory diseases that some bodies develop – the body’s finely engineered defense system fails due to bad eating habits.

When the body human defense system functionality gets clogged from over-indulgence coupled with a sedimentary lifestyle or an excessive amount of inactivity, inflammation begins to take over the body. Consequently, it becomes a malfunctioning machine — a machine that can be likened to or described as a hit or miss system.

Such a malfunctioning system can be compared to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s Scud Missiles defense system.

They are mostly useless to incoming attacks. During the Persian Gulf War, a U.S. Army general described and compared Hussein’s Scud Missile defense system to someone pissing in the wind.

In other words, it’s a hit or miss defense, and for the most part, they missed the incoming missiles or attacking forces, so the targets, in this case, organs, tissues and or cells get destroyed and cause debilitating diseases that could cause the body to cease operation or die.

The bottom line is: inflammation makes it almost impossible for the organs, tissues, and cells to fight off the attacking forces that were created by diet and lifestyle.

Scientists frame their argument this way, “But sometimes the battle gets out of hand, and the immune system turns on the very “self” it is meant to protect.”

So to protect themselves, more and more modern men/women are going back to a Paleo diet to stop the progression of their illness and in some cases reverse the course of their inflammation or disease.

A diet of fruits and vegetables is back on the menu.

Researchers from the La Jolla Institute conclude:

“Investigators have cataloged over 80 such conditions: prominent among they are type1 diabetes, in which immune cells destroy insulin-producing pancreatic cells, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which attacks the lining of joints, and multiple sclerosis (MS), which irreparably damages the myelin a sheath that covers nerve fibers. Related conditions include pathologies that don’t seem intuitively “autoimmune,” such as heart disease or Alzheimer’s, both of which have an inflammatory component.”

Medical practitioners aren’t sure or refuse to inform patients of the real cause of their “illness”

Pus and mucus-forming foods are responsible for 99% of the inflammatory conditions that ails human and animal bodies.

Staff Writer: Clinton Franklin

Media Corp USA

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