A Timid Pence Facade Melts In The Presence Of Sen. Harris Lite — Not So Bright Light.

Hey Lookout, Kamala Harris Just Knocked VP Pence’s Lights Out.

The former near competent Governor of Indiana, Michael Richard Pence, who along with myriads of Republican Representatives and the United States Senators have become a sounding board for President Donald Trump’s more than 20,000 lies that he has broadcasted to the American people, the world, the gods and the heaven above, and the Universe — tonight faced off against Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris. Like most Trump supporters, the Vice President proclaims himself to be a devoted Christian.

As vice president to President Trump, Pence serves as the second in command or the top disciple to cult leader Trump and deliverer of a message co-opted from Nazis, and other white supremacists hate groups. Pence is seen as a stiffed shirt hypocrite who will do anything to be seated next to Donald John Trump.

Hey dude there’s a fly on top of your head. Thank you Mr’ Vice President, your time is up!

The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate. Pence vs Harris, at the University of Utah / Kingsbury Hall / candidates seated 12 feet apart.

On the Coronavirus:

VP Mike Pence heads the President’s Coronavirus task force, a task force that boasts the deaths of more than 212,000 Americans and is responsible for another seven million Americans who have contracted the deadly coronavirus. When asked by Susan Page about COVID-19, Pence made a bald-faced lie and claims, “The coronavirus was under control,” to which Harris quipped, The coronavirus is not under control.”

Question: What will a Biden administration do on January 20, 2021, that Trump hasn’t done, with more than 210,000 Americans dead from COVID-19 over the past several months? Harris: On January 28, 2020, Trump and Pence knew that the virus was airborne and deadly but failed to act. They told the American people that it was a hoax. And today, they still don’t have a plan. Biden has a plan for the free vaccine — Trump and Pence forfeited their right to lead.

Harris at the start of 2020 VP Presidential debate

Half of Americans say they won’t take the vaccine when it comes available — will you? Harris: I’ll take it if Dr. Fauci says to take it, I’ll be the first in line, but I won’t take it if Trump says so.

The question of Trump and Biden advance age was asked about (74 and 78 respectfully) both candidates failed to answer the question except superficially — more so Pence.

On the economy

We are in a job crisis; unemployment declined to 7.9 percent,11 million jobs gained in the last two years, and lost this year haven’t returned? Twenty-six Americans remain unemployed today. Harris: Joe believes America’s health is measured by the American people’s job rate’s health and strength. Biden intends to cut student loan debt by 10,000 dollars. Should America brace for economic growth that will not take place in the next two years? Pence: The average American income went up by 4 thousand dollars during the Trump presidency. November 3rd, Democracy is on the ballot.

What is your definition of American leadership and foreign policy? Harris: “Foreign policy might sound complicated, but it’s not; it is about relationships.” You gotta keep your word to your friends, know your adversaries and keep them in check — and you must keep your word.

Supreme Court

When asked about the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barret and if Roe v Wade would be overturned? Pence ignored the question and went on to talk about the assignation of Iranian General Solemani. Harris said: It should be about the issue of choice and woman’s right to control; her body and the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obama Care. Harris also reminded the audience that in 1864 President “Honest” Abe Lincoln says twenty-seven days before the election the President should not nominate someone to America’s High court.

On Social Unrest (The fly on the wall perched on VP Pence’s head). This fly always shows up at political debates.

At 76 minutes into the debate, “Moderator” Susan Page touched on the issue of race and social injustice by raising the killing of Breona Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT that was killed in her home by home-invading police. Pence did say that justice would be done in George Floyd’s case, an African American who was choked to death by Minneapolis police. But that he disagreed with rioters and looters destroying businesses and cities. As Pence railed on a fly pitched on top of his head. The fly stayed on the vice president’s head for 2 minutes — not eight minutes.

Harris on George Floyd’s death: I do believe his life was taken unjustifiably. Floyd was choked for eight minutes by an armed policeman. So protesters took to the streets. I was a part of that protest. We need reform for police action. We need a national registry for “bad apple” police officers and we will get rid of private jails. Pence well our hearts break for the loss of any American life and heart goes out to the family of Breonna Taylor, but I trust our grand jury system and there is no excuse for what happened to George Floyd but there is no excuse for rioting and looting. President Trump and I stand with you law enforcement officers. We will always stand with law enforcement. @ 1017 fly perched on Pence’s head as he used the word “INSULT,” in reference to his support of police brutality of Black people. Pence: It was a great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement. Pence also brought to light that under Harris as California DA Blacks were 19 times more likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses.

On the peacful transfer of power: What steps to take if Trump refuses to give up power if he loses to Biden? Harris: “Biden will not allow anyone to subvert our democracy.” Pence: Trump launched a movement to save America. The same Americans who put Trump in office in 2016, will again in 2020. Senator your party spent the last three years trying to overturn the last elections. We will win this election. I believe Trump will win.

Susan Page of USA Today lost control of the debate @19 minutes into the debate. The moderator curled up before Vice President Pence throughout the debate like an overused book page. At the same time, Page constantly rushed Harris to shorten her rebuttals to her interrupted time. Page’s performance was weak and biased.

Thank you, Vice President Pence. Your time is up!

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