Rocket Man: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Blast Off to The Edge of Space — In A Phallic Symbol.

Space: The Third Frontier

Today, Wednesday, July 20, marks the second time in as many weeks that a Billionaire has blasted off in a “Spaceship” seeking to touch the face of God. The late great Reggae singer Bob Marley sang of moments like these where he said, “See them sailing on their ego trips. They Blast off on their spaceships, a million miles from reality, no care for” the poor and suffering people among you and me. “There is so much trouble in the world right now.”

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos went sailing into Space on a rocket ship that symbolizes male virility. Virgin Galactic’s owner, Sir Richard Branson’s spaceship, did not go as far as Bezos’ ship embodies the female essence. We’ll come back to this great symbol later.

Bezos held a news conference upon his return to earth where he pointed out that “What we are doing is the first step of something big.” “It’s not about escaping the earth,” Bezos said in response to critics who believe that the money used to take an eleven-minute flight could be better spend on earth helping others. The Billionaire continued, “We

Jeff Bezos With Van Jones And Chef Andres

Left to right: Chef Andres,  Bezos Center, Van Jones

Jeff Bezoz’ Phallic Symbol of Male Virility

are going to build a road to space.” In other words: The plane, the plane, the plane – Fantasy Island BS. Today Bezos did not accomplish anything that NASA hasn’t already completed. But it is Jeff Bezos’ right to spend and enjoy his money the way he sees fit. He’s earned it. Some people buy dope with their money; some people go bungee jumping. Bezos likes bungee Jumping.

Joining Bezos on his historic private passenger flight (of 62 miles above the earth) were 82-year-old Wally Funk. Funk is a woman pilot who trained with 13 other women as Astronauts sixty years ago but was denied a spot on Mercury 7 based on her gender. Today, the 82-year-old Funk, the oldest person to go into “space,” joined Jeff Bezos 57, his brother Mark Bezos 53, and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen – the youngest person to fly to the edge of Space, on a historic space flight.

Jeff Bezos Oldest Youngest In Space

Daemen And Funk 18 to 82

18-year-old Oliver Daemen

wally Funk Younger Days

A 26-year-old Wally Funk

Daemen is the youngest person in Space, joining Funk, who will become the oldest at 82, Oliver Daemen’s father Joes Daemen, purchased the seat on Blue Origin for a cool $28 million. The elder Daemen is from the Netherlands and made his fortune as a Real Estate mogul.

The Amazon founder said in a prepared statement, “This is the only good planet (earth) in our solar system.” We are going to build an infrastructure in Space so that we can solve the problems here on earth.” Bezos went on to say so that our kids and their kids can build a future here on earth. “What we are doing is important. Big things start small.”

While Bezos went flying on a symbolic phallic rocket ship representing male virility, the contrast contrasts the man he chose as a symbol of Black male masculinity. Bezos returned to earth and selected CNN’s Weeping Willow, AKA Van Jones, to give one hundred million dollars to blunt criticism of his adventures in Space. Van “Weeping Willow” Jones is famous for presenting himself on CNN in a prone position of supplication, weeping like a widow. He’s always crying for folk with his hat in his hand. We sick Massah? America was built by Buffalo Soldiers (men and women of courage) and bold Frontiers Men – not supine men. The money ($100 million) that Bezos gave to Van Jones should have gone to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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